We make author's self-satisfaction works. Deal with it…


This will be quick:

As some of you may know by now this past week Akira Yamaoka was in Bogotá Corferias for the Campus Party 2012.


One of the greatest moments of my life, he totally signed my copy of Shattered Memories and I was able to give him a map of the city, a tiny compas, some drawings and a thank you letter. It happen to be in front of a big crowd with a mic in my hand so my legs were shaking a lot and I cannot remember what the hell did I say at that moment but… god it was incredible.

I think I can die from happines now :happybounce:

In other news I have been really busy with work so I dunno when I will be able to upload some new drawings or reply stuff.

Please bear with me and as always: Thanks for passing by.



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